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New iPhone 5: Quad-Core Processor & 4″ In-Cell Screen? [RUMOR]

Now September/October is coming closer, everyone is concentrating again on the New iPhone 5. This long awaited iDevice is surrounded with rumors and vague pictures of ‘supply chain’ parts of obscure sources. But now two new interesting rumors surfaced the on-holding stream of news: Reportedly, the New iPhone 5 will have a 4” screen with in-cell technology and a quad-core processor! Interesting!

The current iPhone did not have a major update since nearly 2 years. So it is highly expected that somewhere in September or October, Tim Cook will present the New iPhone 5. Since Apple isn’t talking nor giving information about the upcoming model, the rumor mill is working at high speed. The new features we know for sure? iOS 6 will be the Operating system! The features we think we know for sure? About everything! This includes the design, LTE-capability, Near Field Communication, a new dock-connector and all the other things in the crowded rumor-mill.

Let's have a look at two new, or renewed, rumors surfaced the rumor-mill: The bigger 4" screen and the Quad-Core processor.

New iPhone 5: 4” Screen with In-Cell Technology?

New iPhone 5 Screen

Since the introduction of the first iPhone back in 2007, the screen size for every new model stayed 3,5”. But now, with the success of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X, Apple seems to be little moved. A while ago, we already reported about a possible bigger screen, but now a picture pops up: An image of what looks like a screen-module appeared on the Chinese blog MyDrivers. The blog claims that the picture was obtained from ‘supply chain sources’.

This is coherent with our report of last month, about the rumor that production of the 4" screen-modules for the New iPhone 5 would start somewhere in June. The blog also claims that the module is equipped with in-cell technology. In other words: The touch sensors will be integrated into the LCD itself. This will allow Apple to reduce the amount of layers and thus making the new iPhone 5 slimmer!

The idea of a larger 4” screen would appeal many users. They all know the retina-display is one of the best in the market, but some ore space to play could be a big deal in terms of user-experience. Here you can see how a bigger screen on the new iPhone 5 would look like.

New iPhone 5: A6 Quad-Core processor?

New iPhone 5 A6 Processor

As we all know, the iPhone 4S has a dual-core processor clocked at 800 Megahertz, named “A5”. The recently introduced iPad 3 has an upgraded version called the “A5X”. In fact, only the GPU was changed from dual-core to quad-core. The CPU remained Dual-core.

According to DigiTimes, rumors from the famous “supply chain” indicated that Apple is planning a full Quad-Core Processor to be used in the New iPhone 5. This big upgrade would probably be named “A6”.

This all could fit perfectly in Apple’s strategy, but rumors are rumors: We just have to be patient and wait for Tim's keynote about the New iPhone 5 to be sure! [via DigiTimes, MyDrivers]

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