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Alleged iPhone 5 Engineering Samples Leaked Into The Wild [PHOTOS]

It has been quite a while since we were able to hear rumors and speculations about the up and coming iPhone 5. Last week, it was the iPad Mini which is allegedly slated for production this coming September, has briefly took the spotlight. But now, a new report has surface which indicates that the engineering sample of the iPhone 5 from China may have been leaked into the wild. More details and photos of the iPhone 5 engineering sample after the jump.

iPhone 5 Engineering Sample
One of the most prevalent rumors that surround the iPhone 5 is that it will feature a slightly taller and thinner form factor. This is to accommodate the next generation iPhone's larger screen. The folks over at 9to5Mac has spotted on GottaBe Mobile's website several sample photos which is said to be the iPhone 5 engineering sample. Citing the usual source "inside the Apple supply chain", the images that were sent depict the metal iPhone 5 design sample. So this shows the size of the upcoming iPhone along with its antenna and other ports. The sample shows a taller and thinner iPhone but with the same width which conveniently coincides with the ongoing rumors.
iPhone 5 Engineering Sample 2
But of course, there is always the possibility that these alleged samples are fake, like majority of the iPhone rumors that grace the tech world. Or it could be a template used by case manufacturers to create cases in anticipation of upcoming iPhones. But all in all, this particular sample pretty much coincides with the ongoing rumors about the iPhone 5's specifications.

The iPhone 5 is set to be unveiled around October this, much like the iPhone 4S. It is expected to be a rather large update to the iPhone line with a new larger 4-inch display, true quad-core processor, LTE capabilities and many others. We'll just have to see if the iPhone 5 will wow us or not.

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