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iPhone 4S Vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII Launch & Sales

Samsung experienced its most successful smartphone launch with the Galaxy SIII (the iPhone 4S' main rival), introduced on May 29 in London, which has surpassed the 10 million mark since it is release, as we previously reported. Comparing the Galaxy SIII with an already renown Galaxy SII is sweet, but we were wondering if Samsung’s launch is at the height of iPhone 4S’s, its main rival.

iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII launch
There are multiple reports covering the smartphone sales fight between Samsung and Apple as both companies are after the No. 1 spot in the smartphone market. As we previously reported, each company has its own way to reach it: Apple distinguishes its iPhone 4S (and the iPhone overall) by investing in innovation, while its counterpart found a different but still successful way.

While there is no precise report about how many iPhone 4S’s Apple is selling daily, we can go back and use the numbers released by Apple itself. First thing’s first, let’s take a look at the phone’s first days: three days after the public launch, Apple sold 4 million iPhone 4S units—more than one million per day. This was happening in October, way ahead of the holiday season. Now let’s fast forward and take a look at Apple’s quarterly earnings, published on January 24: the company reported 37.04 million iPhone units sold during the three month period of October to the end of December. During the conference Tim Cook emphasized that the iPhone 4S was the most successful iPhone, similar to the last quarterly report.

Now there are several things that need to be considered before we can draw any comparison: first, of the 37.04 million iPhones not all were iPhone 4S models, so let’s divide the sale by half, in order to get a more realistic figure. This means Apple sold 18.52 million units in three months. Now if we divide this number by 92 days (the number of days in that 3 month time frame) we get 201,304 iPhone 4S units sold per day. So that’s far superior than Samsung’s 190,000 phones reportedly sold daily. But Samsung is indeed gaining popularity in market at a rapid pace, so all eyes are on Apple's next generation iPhone now.[Via Magicalmess]

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