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iPad 2 Vs. 035 Mockup, The iPad Prototype

Although just a prototype back in 2000, today it’s among Apple’s most successful products—yes, we are talking about the iPad. However, not the iPad as we all know it today. We are actually talking about the original iPad. The first iPad prototype was almost an inch thick and had an amazing 12-inch display.

Original iPad vs iPad 2
Some of the first images published of the early iPad prototype were from NetworkWorld and showed Apple’s concept of the post-PC tablet. You may be surprised to see that the iPad was much heavier, thicker and did not have the iconic front button. Originally referred to as the ‘035 mockup’ it may have been one of several. This once again shows that Apple has done plenty of prototyping in an effort to ensure the highest quality consumer experience.

Digging deeper, Buzzfeed found some amazing, color pictures of the 035 mockup side by side with the iPad 2, and the difference is amazing. Much taller and wider than the iPad 2, the original iPad prototype has iBook signs on it with a white plastic back. Although from the back it does look retro, from the front, it looks nearly the same as the iPad we know today.

After the launch of the iPad, Steve Jobs confessed that while denying any link to the tablet industry (at that time PDAs), Apple was working on the full potential of a tablet computer. After testing and research showed that people where more interested in consuming information than computing, on their tablets, Apple began creating the ultimate media consumption tool.

Recently this led Tim Cook to question the success of the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet. Although Apple has created a new industry with the iPad, this industry is changing. While the tablet is an amazing product for media consumption, there are concerns about it’s usability in other areas. As the adoption rate among enterprises and companies rises, so do questions about the iPad's productivity and features. [Via MacRumors]

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