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How Did iPad Sales Perform During Last Quarter?

When Apple announced it would make public its quarterly sales figures on July 24, analysts started to push out estimates on how many iPads the company sold during the last quarter. The most recent estimate comes from Charlie Wolf of Needham, who aims high: he estimates Apple has sold about 20 million iPads during the past three months.

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Meanwhile, about 28 professionals covering Apple for brokerage houses and banks and another 33 independent analysts have published their estimate regarding iPad sales. Interestingly, the list ranges from as low as $12.8 million to as high as $24 million, with the professionals aiming as high as 18.5 million—this, coming from Cowan’s Mathew Hoffman—and the average being 15.7 million.

From this perspective, Charlie Wolf’s 20 million estimate seems very optimistic, but in his notes he draws attention to news that made him reconsider his earlier Q3 estimate. Among the data points he used to confirm his iPad sales forecast, Apple’s corporate penetration plays a key role. Wolf cites that SAP purchased 12,000 iPads, Level 3 bought 1,300 devices, schools are replacing textbooks and personal computers with Apple’s tablet—26,000 iPads purchased by the San Diego School District alone—and the British Parliament, the Polish Parliament and Dutch Senate have started using iPads instead of paper printouts.

The list goes on, mentioning airlines such British Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and Quantas purchasing iPads and using them as passenger entertainment centers. In addition, 25% of European doctors have started using iPads in their work.

These are just facts and gathered news headlines, but the report goes deeper to mention other industries as well. In addition, Wolf looked back over the iPad’s two-year history before putting his forecast on paper and found that last year, when the iPad 2 was launched, sales numbers increased by 97 percent the following quarter. With the competition getting stronger, Wolf doesn’t estimate the same iPad sale growth, instead he projects a 70 percent increase compared to the previous quarter, keeping in mind that Apple has targeted a segment of the lower-end market by keeping the iPad 2 available for $399. [Via Fortune]

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