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Apple iPad and iPhone Lead Mobile Device Enterprise Adoption

Depending on the perspective Apple missed expectations with its quarterly earnings report: from a Wall Street standpoint Apple fell short, but from the Cupertino company’s perspective it added another $8.8 billion to its cash pile, beating their own (conservative) prediction by $1 billion. Although Wall Street has already started to run, maybe it’s time to forget about their short-term expectations; analysts fail to mention, for example, Apple’s products success in enterprise adoption.

Apple's iPad & iPhone lead enterprise adoption
Fortunately, Good Technology emphasized Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer’s statement- that the iPad continues its rapid enterprise adoption, with the number of Apple tablets growing threefold compared to the same period one year ago. In addition, iOS devices took nearly 71% of all activations during the April to June period, a slight 9.1% drop from the previous quarter. Android activations are on the rise but they fell way below Apple, while Windows phones took a small percentage of all activations.The research company expects its share to grow in the future.

As the Good Technology quarterly report highlights, Apple iOS devices took the top six positions of the “Top 10” devices, with the iPhone 4S ranking no. 1, with 30.8% of all activations. The iPad 3 was the second most popular device, averaging 13.3% while the iPhone 4 ranked third with 12% of all activations. Android smartphone activations were led by the Samsung Galaxy SII, grabbing the No. 5 position (4.6%) of the “Top 10” devices, followed by Motorola’s Droid Razr at 3.2%. The iPad 1 and iPhone 3GS were outpaced by Android devices, ranking No. 7 and No. 8 respectively.

It turns out Apple’s iPad is successful at work, as 94.5% of total tablet activations were iPads, down 3.8% from Q1, leaving room for Android tablets with 5.5% of all tablet activations. iPad activations are on the fire in the financial services industry, retaining 45.7% of all activations- followed by business and professional services. While first reports were talking about a media consumption device (when the iPad launched two years ago), it turns out it can integrate into business infrastructure. Another survey published by CIRP also shows the iPad’s enterprise adoption is growing among Apple customers.

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