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iOS App From iTunes Store Found to Contain Windows Malware

The iOS ecosystem prides itself as one of the most secure mobile operating systems in existence. But there are certainly malwares and viruses that somehow slip right into the cracks of the iOS but it is addressed by Apple rather quickly. Now in a new report, a malware worm has been found to be embedded inside an iOS app which was distributed in the App Store. More details after the jump.

Windows Malware in iOS App
The malware in question is actually a Windows-based worm which has somehow attached itself into an app called Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram from the iTunes App Store. The worm itself is quite low-threat and it doesn't pose any real danger to the iOS and MacOS platforms although it may be harmful for those who are using their iTunes in a Windows OS. A user posted in an Apple discussion forum he had downloaded the free app and it was immediately flagged by his antivirus program as the "Worm.VB-900" malware.

After some investigation, it was found out that the worm is present within the app package. The author from CNET has decided to see it for himself and downloaded the app from the iTunes Store. And after scanning the IPA file, it contains two Windows executables which are flagged as malware:


Windows Malware in iOS App_0
The malware itself is not exactly new and it was detected back in 2009. Most anti-malware programs should have no problem detecting the worm. Again, this is a Windows-based malware which means it won't affect the iOS nor the Mac OS. But it may prove to be quite detrimental to those that are using Windows to sync the content in iTunes.

And in a rather swift response, Apple was quick to rectify the problem app and at this time, Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram has been removed from the App Store. Those who have downloaded the app that contains the Windows malware may want to delete it altogether.

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