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iOS 6 Features: Do Not Disturb

The future of mobile for the second half of 2012 was decided last month when Apple introduced iOS 6, or, as they like to call it, “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”. With iOS 6 Apple fans will get tons of great new features, which are improvements based on the overall mobile user experience.

iOS 6 do not disturb setting screenshot
“Do not disturb” is one of the great new features of iOS 6. I’m sure that just like anybody else, you carry your iPhone with you everywhere you go. Still, there are situations when you’d like to be up to date with what is happening around you, but you simply don’t want to be disturbed by the notification sounds of the iPhone, or cannot answer a call, because you’re busy with other stuff, except it is an emergency. But the problem with iOS 5.1 is that you don’t know whether a call is an emergency or not.

With iOS 6 Apple’s approach has changed. You won’t be disturbed by any iPhone sound, but you’ll still get the emergency calls just in time. How? Let me explain.

In iOS 6 the “Do not disturb” feature can be accessed fast by going to Settings > Do not disturb. When you toggle this iOS 6 feature on, a moon icon will appear at the top-center, near the clock. Going deeper, you can adjust the feature to fit your needs. In order to do this, access “Do not disturb” from Notifications, and you can start customizing. With iOS 6 you can decide whether you want to have scheduled silent hour(s) each day during a certain chosen time period or not.

In terms of calls, the “Do not disturb” feature has two awesome features: you can allow calls from a certain group of people, and the list can be set up from your Address book, everyone or no one. The most wonderful part is regarding repeat calls. With iOS 6’s Do not Disturb feature, you can enable it, and the second call from the same person within three minutes will go through. This is how you won’t miss an emergency call ever.

iOS 6 is full of so many more awesome features that will make your iOS device more fun to use. The list is long. There are about 200 new features, so stay tuned—we’ll keep you posted.

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