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iOS 6 Beta Limited to Handle Less Than 500 Apps

Everbody loves great apps, but if you’re an app addict like I am, then you can end up with 200-300 apps or even more, on your iDevice running iOS 6. Before you even know it your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, is over run with apps. That’s nothing to be worried about except that iOS 6 beta isn’t ready to support more than 500 apps. If you have more apps installed, it will suffer from random reboot, slow boot times and other irritating issues.

iOS 6 beta App Store screenshot
Originally discovered by Mid Atlantic Consulting, Apple has been contacted and made aware of these limits of iOS 6 beta. Mid Atlantic reports that when the number of apps installed on an iDevice reaches 500 or more, the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch begins to reject apps. If you go up closer to 1,000 apps, your device won’t even boot, which then forces you to do a complete restore.

If you go back a ways in Keynotes, you will see that Steve Jobs said your only limit was the number of apps per folder and the number of folders you could fit in the 11 screens of apps. In iOS 6 betas 1-3, this is not possible, although it was in iOS 4 and iOS 5.

Apple’s initial reaction wasn’t positive, stating basically, “who needs that many apps?”. However, aiming to replace many of the electronics in your home with its iDevices, Mid Atlantic reports that Apple finally agreed to lift this virtual. With hopes of ever increasing uses for iDevices in our homes and elsewhere The Cupertino company is aware that there may be tons of apps we will need to install on our Apple devices.

So, the solution is on its way, but we don’t know if it will come in time for the next iOS 6 beta release. What about you? How many apps do you have on your iDevice? Did you notice any performance issues? [Via COM]

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    mohamed nasser9 years, 3 months ago

    if any could jailbreak ios6 when realese i am sure that ther will be a cydia tweak for breaking this limit

    RawX9 years, 3 months ago

    my ios beta 3 supports all 3000 apps i have on it? it must be a strickly iphone issue?

    Edit: 3479 apps all together most of which are for DEV purposes but still

    hackmaster9 years, 3 months ago

    i think is normal it’s just a beta version