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iOS 6 Features You Are Going to Love

While developers are expecting the release of the iOS 6 beta 3, here are some highlights of the 200 new features already announced that you’re going to love when it goes public later this year along with the eagerly awaited iPhone 5.

iOS 6 beta 2 screenshot Apple Podcast app

iOS 6 Best Features

As we mentioned earlier, Passbook is likely to become one of the key features of iOS 6, although the rumor mill has placed expectations higher than that: an NFC-capable iPhone 5. However, a recently granted iTravel added to the list of other iWallet patents clearly confirms that Apple is working to make the iPhone a digital wallet.

Meanwhile, there are other very useful updates in iOS 6: VIP mail, which allows you to have all your important emails in one place, so you won’t miss any of them, for instance.

There are jailbreak tweaks for allowing you to easily download Apps from the App Store, without continuously typing in your authentication credentials—as you know, you currently have to authenticate yourself even if it is just an App update. Well, with iOS 6 you can forget about that—it knows that once you installed the App on the iPhone, it is you who wants to update it, not anybody else.

But one of my favorite iOS 6 updates is the Privacy tab. Apple wants once again to assure you that the information stored on your iPhone isn’t accessed without your approval. In iOS 5.1 you can decide whether or not to allow certain Apps to access your location info. Apple has expanded this feature—helped by the Path App. Earlier this year, Apple came under due fire as Path could access your contact list and upload it to its servers—to Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Photos. By tapping any of these, you will see a list of the Apps requesting access to this information, and it is up to you which ones you allow to access it.

In addition, you can share any of your favorite Apps via Facebook, right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 6. As it comes with deep Facebook integration, you can like an App you find in the App Store, and this info will appear in your timeline. This feature can be very useful for both developers and consumers.

The list of improvements is very long, but stay tuned—we’ll keep you posted on iOS 6.

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