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Set Google Chrome as Default Web-Browser in iPhone, iPod & iPad

A few days ago, Google released Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad and iPod. The worlds most popular browsers for desktop and Android OS is highly appreciated by everyone, but the iOS users where left in the dark. Until now! Problem is, that iOS won’t allow you to set Chrome as the default browser. Well that also has changed, thanks to the release of the app BrowserChooser. Let’s have a look at this useful tweak!

The tweak was recently released and will give you the ability to choose your default browser. Something Apple won’t let you do. To install and use this tweak called BrowserChooser, your iPhone, iPad or iPod must be jailbroken. If you want to know more about how to jailbreak your iDevice, read the posts here and here. It is easy, simple and it gives you all the freedom to extend your iOS and install awesome apps that are not allowed in the App Store.

How to Set Google Chrome for iPhone As your default browser?

1: Download Google Chrome for iPhone

Google Chrome Icon

Download Google Chrome for iPhone. Google Chrome is available for download via this official iTunes-link.

2: Launch Cydia

Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad or iPod

Now launch Cydia, go to Manage and go to Sources. In the Sources screen, tap on the edit button at the right top corner. A popup will appear. Here you can enter: Tap on add source to begin the update process for this repository.

3: Done

When finished, tap on Return to Cydia, and tap on Done.

4: Install BrowserChooser

Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad or iPod

Now you are ready to install the BrowserChooser. Tap on the repo we just added as a new source and look for the app BrowserChooser. Tap on install, and the app will start the download and installation-proces.

5: BrowserChooser Settings

Google Chrome for iPhone, iPad or iPod

When the installation is done, you can go to the settings menu and tap on BrowserChooser, where you will have the option of choosing Google Chrome as your default browser.

As said before, your iDevice must be jailbroken if you want to use this small but very useful tweak. It would be nice if Apple would let us choose our own default-browser. I guess that the release of the extremely popular Chrome Browser will speed up things to let Apple give us the option of choosing our own default-browser.

Is Google Chrome also your favorite browser? Download Google Chrome for iPhone and set it as default browser in iPhone.

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