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A Facebook Phone Wouldn’t Make Sense, Says CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Rumors about a new Facebook phone has been on and off for quite some time now. Last year, there was the HTC Status handset which is heavily integrated with the social networking behemoth. The talks regarding the Facebook phone have been re-ignited as Bloomberg broke the news that the project is already in the works in conjunction with smartphone manufacturer HTC. But it seems that Zuckerberg himself has doused the fire of this particular rumor.

Facebook Phone
During Facebook's first earnings call, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg talked about the company's performance during the past three months. Of course, there were questions from analysts and investors. When asked about Facebook's mobile strategy, Zuckerberg responded:

We want to not just have apps that people use, but also be as deeply integrated into these systems as possible. We want to support a development ecosystem where other apps can build on top of Facebook, so that’s why you’ll see us do things like support Apple in the iOS integration they wanted to do. There are lots of things that you can build in other operating systems as well that aren’t really like building out a whole phone, which I think wouldn’t really make much sense for us to do.

Based on the CEO's response, it seems that it pretty much denies all the rumors that Facebook is working on its own smartphone device. However, it is quite obvious that Facebook is investing quite a bit of time and resources in mobile development. If anyone can recall, one of the key features of iOS 6 is that it will have Facebook baked right into the system. Or it might be possible that Facebook is going to develop their own mobile operating system, which is definitely an interesting angle to look at.

What are your thoughts on the talks regarding the Facebook Phone? [via iDownloadBlog]

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