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Protecti: The Best Tweak Ever to Protect Your iPhone Privacy!

The best privacy App for iPhone is definitely Protecti. Did you know that most of the people haven’t protected their iPhone yet, including their documents and Apps on their iPhone. Think about it: If by any chance you lose your iPhone right now, do you want everyone to read your personal documents? Or use your financial Apps?

Mobile security will get more important with time, since the line between private lives and work is getting more and more blurry. Your boss will not be happy when confidential documents and mails will fall into the wrong hands. Even a better reason for proper protection could be the upcoming adoption of Near Field Communication (NFC), making your smartphone into your personal wallet, keychain and more private stuff like that.

More than 50% of users do not use the pass lock feature on their iPhone. Most of them find it too ‘cumbersome’ to bother with. A smaller part of them think they have nothing on their smartphone that could be of any value for a burglar. But if you consider that about 60% of the iPhone users use their smartphone for banking or other financial purposes. Makes you think ah?

If you are like me and use your iPhone as a part of your life, as your memory with all the important stuff on it, then it is time to find the best privacy app for iPhone available to protect these assets!

Best Privacy App for iPhone

Protecti is not an App available at the AppStore. Instead of that you must have a jailbroken iPhone to be able to install this. If your iPhone is not jailbroken, or you are not yet familiar with the art of jailbreaking, you can read this article first to know everything about jail breaking: The benefits, the risks and the legality.

Protecti will allow you to set up a gesture to lock apps, notifications, photos and many things more.
Protecti has tons of different settings, making it possible to make your own customized settings. And if you need it, just activate the desired app by performing one of the methods you also chose in the settings.

Protecti: The Best Privacy App for iPhone

For example, when you are in the middle of a ‘private’ conversation with your girlfriend and you need to hand over your iPhone to your Mom, you can perform a quick activator gesture to hide the conversation and further incoming texts momentarily. On the other hand, parents can also hide apps or other things before handing over the iPhone to one of the kids.

To download, you can find this great Cydia tweak at the BigBoss Repo!

Watch This Video About The Best Privacy App for iPhone!

We found an extremely interesting video about Protecti, explaining all the possibilities about this best privacy app for iPhone. Have a look.

So what do you think: Is this the best privacy app for iPhone, or do you have a nicer or better alternative?

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