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Download iOS 6 Beta 3 for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch [For Developers Only]

As you all know, Apple has finally announced the next major iteration of iOS, the iOS 6, last month during the company's annual WWDC event. And as per usual, Apple released beta builds of iOS 6 for developers and hardcore Apple fans who want to test out the latest and greatest mobile operating system of the Cupertino company. Just now, Apple released the iOS 6 beta 3.

iOS 6 Beta 3 Logo
So what's new in iOS 6 beta 3? Well, from the looks of it, the usual array of bug fixes and performance enhancements were added under the hood but as for new iOS 6 features, we have yet to find out. If you want to check out the complete change log for iOS 6 beta 3, we suggest that you visit BGR's website.
Download iOS 6 Beta 3 for Developers
One of the highlights of iOS 6 is definitely the new Google-free 3D Maps, an Apple in-house solution. While the maps, along with other new features, may seem like a great new addition to the iOS environment, the announcement of iOS 6 itself kind of felt underwhelming. Maybe I was just expecting something radically new in terms of aesthetics and whatnot. I understand that Apple is always going for functionality over form (but that's not saying that iOS looks bad, not at all) and why should they fix something that is not broken in the first place? iOS is perhaps one of the best mobile OS out there because of the smooth, seamless experience that it can provide. I just hope that Apple has more surprises in store for iOS 6 because at this point, it all feels too familiar.

Like with all other beta builds of iOS, iOS 6 beta 3 is only available for users that are registered under the iOS Developer Program. There are no special prerequisites in order to become a registered iOS developer but you do need to pay for the $99 annual fee. Although we're sure that if you look hard enough, there should be a couple of iOS 6 beta 3 IPSWs to be found on your favorite file-sharing websites.

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