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It Only Takes A Hack to Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly

Would you like to charge your iPhone wirelessly? We have some good news and some bad news for you. First, the bad news: the technology isn’t ready yet—at least in Apple’s labs—to go mainstream, so the wait could last years. Meanwhile, the good news is that Tanveer (who, by the way, is a doctor as well as a hacker), took the time to tear his iPhone apart and add a wireless charging feature to it.

Charge your iPhone Wirelessly (iPhone 4/4S)
To achieve this long-awaited feature, he used the Powermat, but there are other wireless charging solutions out there you can use yourself if you are ready to tear your iPhone apart and take the risk.

Tanveer even published a video tutorial, stressing that this can’t be done by an average iPhone user. So, think twice before you run out to the store to buy the necessary parts. In addition, you need to know that your beloved device will look like any other iPhone, so it won’t suffer esthetically, but it will indeed be 1 mm thicker than an ordinary iDevice.

Besides patience and some basic knowledge of electronics and soldering skills, you’ll need a spare back cover, very thin-gauge wire and a spare charger port assembly. When you have all these and obviously the wireless charger and soldiering tools, the fun begins. Tanveer details each step in his tutorial, so it is up to you to make it work with your skills.

To make it more attractive, fun and more… “Apple-like”, Tanveer shot a great ad video, based on Apple’s previous promo videos, which put an accent on Siri. His brother took the role, and to make it more visual, Tanveer even took the iPhone’s wireless charger further: he installed the charger into a lamp, so the charging process activates it, as demonstrated in the ad video.

As the video shows, wireless charging can be achieved on the iPhone too. It takes a little work, but the result is simply amazing. I wish I had the necessary skills to do that. What about you? Would you take the risk and put in the effort to charge your iPhone wirelessly? [Via Cult of Mac]

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