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What If Apple & Samsung Joined Hands & Created a Smartphone? [VIDEO]

By this time, you should know what exactly is the relationship between Apple and Samsung. Well, you should be because these two giant tech companies have been locked on seemingly eternal legal battle. Legal battle that involves which company copied which. Not only that, both companies have flagship smartphones that are directly competing and currently dominating the market. What if, in a highly unlikely scenario, Apple and Samsung would have joined hands to create the greatest smartphone ever?

Apple Samsung iSung Galaxy 5
The folks over at TechRadar also think that instead of fierce competition and never ending court battles, what if Apple and Samsung joined forces to create a smartphone instead? By fusing the best features and elements of both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the long-rumored iPhone 5, a smartphone concept has been created. Presenting the iSung Galaxy 5! Check out the video below:

The smartphone depicted in the video features a newer, larger screen which is rumored to be the major selling point of the next iPhone. This allows the device in the video to accommodate more apps on each page. The form factor is decidedly both an iPhone and Galaxy 3. The metal and glass design is basically lifted from the iPhone while the thinner form factor is from Samsung's phone. Other little touches have been added such as the inclusion of an SD card slot, which has been in MIA ever since the iPhone was conceived. As TechRadar reports, the iPhone could certainly use the faster camera shutter and NFC technology while the S3 could use the iPhone's elegant design. Although many of you will agree that the name is rather terrible.

As you can probably expect, this concept turning into reality is along the lines of "when pigs fly" category. But this is certainly a fun, harmless look at things just in case, these two giant tech companies will indeed join hands and take a stab at creating a revolutionary smartphone. [via TechRadar]

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