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AuthenTech Goes To Apple For $365 million

While Apple and Samsung’s lawyers are working extra hours to make their case solid in front of the California judge next week, Apple moved forward by buying Samsung’s latest mobile security partner, AuthenTech, which just signed a contract with the South Korean manufacturer a few days ago.

Apple buys AutenTech mobile security company
AuthenTech is known for its fingerprint sensor chips, embedded in devices and used for security and identification purposes. The mobile security company has recently closed a deal with Samsung—about 10 days ago—and agreed to provide security and device management services to deal with the “BYOD” (bring your own device) trend recently emerging at enterprises. AuthenTech was targeted by Samsung as its services accelerate mobile security and authentication work for IT managers.

While some reports are focusing on the Apple vs. Samsung battle when covering the news, we tend to think this is Apple’s next step in preparing its even deeper penetration into the enterprise market. While the Good Technology study and Apple’s quarterly report clearly underscore the company’s success in the business field, there is much more to do. Not so long ago, a February security research study placed BlackBerry on top of Apple’s iPhone as the most secure device, while the iPhone ranked only second.

In addition, the Korean Ministry of National Defense banned the iPhone from its buildings due to security reasons. At some point IBM IT managers faced the same issues, and if you recall there was a lot of buzz around IBM’s decision regarding the iPhone.

But the main idea behind comes from the BYOD trend: while Apple’s iDevices can integrate into the enterprise market, security is always a question for each IT manager. Apple puts high effort on security and it needs to admit that it is trying to replace BlackBerrys—RIM which is slowly dying, and as industry sources report Blackberry users are looking for alternatives—Apple needs to come up with the mobile security level of the RIM devices, which is preferred by most government officials.

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