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Sixty-Five Percent of Consumers Expect to Purchase iPhone 5

The success of the iPhone 5 is undiminished. Although Apple hasn’t even presented the next-generation iPhone, when asked, 65% of new Smartphone buyers answered they would wait until it launches.

In a recent CNN interview, Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray and Horace Dediu discussed the possible risks of Apple success, but as the research note sent out yesterday by Gene Munster shows, the future is bright for Apple.

iPhone 5 Apple logoAs Apple’s financial reports have shown, the iPhone accounts for 50% of its revenue, so the success of the iPhone 5 is essential for the Cupertino company. In order to find out how customers might react to the sixth-generation iPhone, Piper Jaffray conducted a survey, asking 400 consumers about what phone they are going to buy. The iPhone 5 was an absolute leader, with 65% saying their choice will be the iPhone 5, while Android accounted for 19%, RIM grabbed 2.5%, and 6% rejected the idea of purchasing a Smartphone in the near future.

In addition, more than half of respondents who planned to purchase an iPhone as their next Smartphone, said they would wait for the iPhone 5. Furthermore, 94.2% of iPhone users plan to purchase Apple’s next-generation iPhone, up from last year’s 93%.

Android customer satisfaction rate is also up, but well below Apple’s: the re-buy rate hit only 60%, compared to Apple’s 94.2%, up 13% from last year. “Android is still losing 33% of current users to the iPhone. We also note than 38% of Blackberry users expect to switch to the iPhone,” Gene Munster notes.

An interesting highlight of the report was that consumers are not after Smartphones with big screens, as 56% of those surveyed preferred a phone with the smaller display, leaving the analyst wondering why Apple chose to increase the screen size with the iPhone 5. We also have great news for future iPhone buyers: you can secure your iPhone 5 case right now at an amazing price of $1.5–$2 per piece, although the sellers can’t guarantee it can be used with Apple’s upcoming device, simply because it hasn’t been launched yet.

Stay tuned for more iPhone 5 updates.

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