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Check Out This iPhone 5 Concept Design Based on Leaked Parts [VIDEO]

It is only a couple more days before WWDC 2012 and while it is expected that there will be no big reveal with regards to hardware, the reports about iPhone 5 rumors and leaks doesn't seem to slowdown. And much like the previous years, the rumors, leaks and speculations will continue until Apple will finally unveil the much anticipated follow-up to the iPhone 4S. One of the staples when it comes to future Apple hardware are concept designs. Now here's an iPhone 5 concept design that is based on leaked parts.

iPhone 5 Concept Design
Bryce Haymond of Blackpool Creative has taken the liberty to piece together the published images and videos of alleged iPhone 5 parts.

There’s been quite a bit of hype recently in the Apple universe over the imminent announcement of a new iPhone, or rather the new iPhone (aka iPhone 5). Many of the biggest media outlets have already published photos and videos of “leaked” parts that are supposedly from the iPhone 5 as it makes its way into the manufacturing phase at Apple’s suppliers. I thought it would be fun to piece together these fragments to see what the iPhone 5 might look like when Apple makes the big announcement.

One of the main highlights of this iPhone 5 concept is definitely the screen upgrade. If this render turned out to be accurate, the iPhone 5 will feature a longer screen which will consequently alter the aspect ratio as well. Larger screen real estate is one of the most in-demand features for the next iPhone and it is certainly turning out to be a big deal. Aside from the longer screen, the form factor remains identical to the current iPhone.

In addition to the provided video, Haymond provided high resolution images of this iPhone 5 render as well which you can check out in Blackpool Creative's site.

So what do you think of this iPhone 5 concept design? [via MacRumors]

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