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New iOS 6 Features on WWDC: Enhanced 3D Maps, Upgraded Native Camera & Photos Apps

By now you are already aware what the Cupertino folks are up to these days but in case you don't have the slightest idea, knowing that the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 is just around the corner should pretty much clue you in. It is highly likely that one of the main highlights of the upcoming WWDC would be iOS 6 and the new features that go along with it. According to some analysts, iOS 6 will feature "greatly enhanced" Maps and upgraded camera and photo apps. More details about these new iOS 6 features after the jump.

iOS 6 Features Upgraded Camera & Photos
There have been some reports surrounding the possibility that Apple will be dropping Google Maps in favor of their very own Maps app which is capable of 3D viewing. According to this new report by AppleInsider, Analyst Shaw Wu with Sterne Agee indicated that a new, "greatly enhanced" Maps app will be unveiled during the upcoming WWDC. This new 3D capable Maps app is said to be developed internally by Apple which enables the company to drop Google, as earlier reports have suggested.

We hear the key reason why AAPL decided to do this is that it believes it can deliver a much better use experience in Maps, not to mention provide further differentiation for its mobile devices business.

Apple 3D Maps
Wu also added that another upgrade that will be unveiled with iOS 6 is an all-new powerful way to share photos which will be integrated into iCloud. Another "notable upgrade" which can be expected during WWDC is for both the native Camera and Photos on iOS. Wu speculated that the changes made will make it less likely for iPhone users to rely on third-party photo apps such as Instagram which was acquired by Facebook for a cool billion dollars.

There are good reasons why third party apps such as Instagram are very popular. And one such reason is the fact that the native iOS Photos app is not up to the mark. So if this report turns out to be accurate, it is a good thing that Photos on iOS will be overhauled.

So what other iOS 6 features do you want for the next major iOS iteration? [via AppleInsider]

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