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iOS 6 Beta 2 Now Available to Developers via OTA Update!

You can download iOS 6 Beta 2 now! Apple released a new version of this immense popular OS. This update is only available for developers, while the final public release will probably be available somewhere in September this year, together with the introduction of the new iPhone 5. So, what’s new in iOS 6 Beta 2? What are the new iOS 6 Beta 2 features compared to the previous developers version? Read all about it after the break!
A few days ago, Apple pushed this first beta-update of the long expected iOS 6. This update is, for now, only available for registered Apple-developers and appeared as an Over The Air (OTA) update. iOS 6 Beta 2 weighs in at 291 MB for the iPod, 299 MB for the iPhone 4, and 497 MB for the new iPad 3.

Download iOS 6 Beta 2

If you didn’t received a push-notification, you can download the update directly from the iOS Dev Center, after logging in as a developer of course.

Download iOS 6 Beta 2

While updating, we came across some amazing small updates such as: The update-icon is now replaced by an animated one. So the gears are really moving! I know, it is a small thing and just for fun, but when Apple gives so much attention to such a small detail, then we can expect a huge leap forward on the final version!

What’s new in iOS 6 Beta 2?

We already informed you about what you can expect in iOS 6 public version, so we will concentrate on the differences between this iOS 6 Beta 2 and the previous beta-version. Here is a small round up about the new iOS 6 Beta 2 features:

  • In both the Settings Page and the Photos Setting, you can find a toggle to control whether you want to use the new Shared Photo Streams Feature or not.
  • Recently, Twitter launched an upgrade on the famous bird-icon. Apple is already using this icon system wide, even before Twitter released the update!
  • The new Tweet Sheet, inside the Siri Interface, had a small redesign. This redesign is not system wide yet, but we are sure this will be in the next version.
  • The Smart Banners, a brand new feature in iOS 6, is active now. This will allow sites to show a banner at the top of the screen.
  • The new Passbook-app now has more information on the start screen, informing you on what kinds of passes you can use it with, with a clear description for every category.
  • The Maps app has a new feature. Not a brand new idea since TomTom already used it for ages, but very useful: Maps will automatically offer you the directions home when you tap the search bar. No need to search for it in a list or type it manually.

According to a tweet from iH8sn0w, the iOS 6 Beta 2 will expire on Tuesday July 31st 2012, at 8PM (EST).

Did you find other new features? If so then do share them with your friends in the comments!

Download iOS 6 Beta 2 Now!

Curious? Download iOS 6 Beta 2 now and check it out for yourself!

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