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Google Obtains Motorola: Consequences For The Fight Between Google And Apple?

Looks like Google and Apple will end up in a war. Yesterday, Larry Page, CEO of Google, announced on the official Google-blog that Motorola Mobility is now an official part of Google. Reason for this takeover is not only to have control of Motorola and the smartphones they market, but also the 17.000 patents. Should Apple be scared now?

There where times when Google and Apple where friends, BIG friends. But nowadays, they are more separated than ever before. It is no surprise that the war is based on patents and possible copying of each others software. We mentioned last week about Apple hurting Google Big time with the introduction of the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6, probably somewhere in October this year. Well, Apple could hurt Google, but Google is not in a position to strike back.

Google Announcement

As Larry Page announced yesterday, the search-giant has obtained Motorola officially now. The necessary approvals on both sides of the Atlantic give full green light to the deal. The $12,5 billion worth takeover will be effective as of today.

According to the blog, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha will step down and will be replaced by Dennis Woodside. Last year, Apple already tried to recruit Woodside, but didn’t succeed. Woodside will go for a different strategy, meaning that Motorola will streamline its portfolio to focus on a selected few devices. The strategy Apple already proved to be very effective.

Google is a originally software-company, so why will Google enter now the hardware-market? It should be obvious that Google wants to have a strong hand in the Android Eco-system. This is what Larry Page said about the reason for the take-over:

It’s a well known fact that people tend to overestimate the impact technology will have in the short term, but underestimate its significance in the longer term. Many users coming online today may never use a desktop machine, and the impact of that transition will be profound—as will the ability to just tap and pay with your phone. That’s why it’s a great time to be in the mobile business, and why I’m confident Dennis and the team at Motorola will be creating the next generation of mobile devices that will improve lives for years to come.

Patent War Between Google and Apple

If you don’t have been living under a rock, you would have noticed the patent-war between Apple on one side, and most of the Android Phone-makers like Samsung, HTC and Motorola on the other side. But surprisingly Phone companies do not directly confront with Google, as it is the supplier of Android and the Eco-system that supports Android. Google always said that they would not let down the Android Phone-makers. Behind the screens, Google was, and still is, probably supporting the partners in their fight against Apple.

Google and Apple

The 17.000 patents, held by Motorola, is the most important reason for acquisition of Motorola. It could make Google stronger to fight the competition in the well-known patent-wars. Last year, Larry Page said the following about this:

This take-over will strengthen Google’s patent portfolio, which will enable us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threats from Microsoft, Apple and other companies.

Giant Apple Versus Giant Google

So, what is going to happen after this acquisition? It is true that both Giants will reposition themselves. See it as a game: Google just bought new arms and body shields, while Apple still has the same armor. Maybe this is the reason that there are more and more propositions for settlements the last weeks, from both sides. Is this a sign that Apple is frightened by the new and shiny armor of Google? Or is Google just showing off, but knows it doesn’t make a chance, even with the acquisition of Motorola? Time will tell…

Google and Apple

Will Apple go “ThermoNuclear”?

Steve Jobs always wanted to go “ThermoNuclear” with Android, if they continue copying the hard- and software of the Cupertino Company. Now Tim Cook is on the big wheel, it will probably be a little bit subtler, but nevertheless, there will be war. Apple will continue defending its rights, same as Google will do.

What is your opinion about this? Do you think there will be even more patent-wars now Google obtained Motorola? Or do you think the patent-war is over, now the powers are maybe more equal between Google and Apple?

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