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Google Chrome is Now The World’s No. 1 Web Browser Ahead of Internet Explorer

When it comes to the most-used browser globally, the one who always had the commanding lead is Microsoft's Internet Explorer. IE isn't exactly known to be the best browser around, in fact I'd go as far as saying that most people find it rather terrible. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is the web browser that comes pre-installed with Microsoft Windows, which still makes up about 90% of the world's computers. But that's not the case anymore because now, Google Chrome has just overtaken IE as the world's most popular browser.

Google Chrome No. 1 Browser
According to StatCounter, Google Chrome is officially the most used browser in the world garnering 31.88% of the world's web traffic. IE came in close second with 31.47%. Although the difference seems to be minute, it is worth noting that Chrome has been trending up for quite some time now while it is the opposite for IE. Chrome was able to overtake IE a few months ago but it only lasted for about a day. But now, Chrome has been on top for about a week now.
StatCounter Graph
IE is still the no. 1 browser in many other regions such as North America but Chrome is getting really popular in both India and South America. Users who are quite savvy with the internet usually prefer to use Chrome due to its minimalistic approach to user interface and lightning fast loading speed.

It is clear that Chrome is not slowing down anytime soon, in fact it was not long ago that the browser received a major update with Chrome 19. Google is reportedly pushing Chrome towards an iOS which will no doubt strengthen its brand. But how long will Chrome be able to hold the top spot? Now that Windows 8 is on the horizon and with IE10 bundled with it, this could give IE significant, newfound advantage.

So, Are you a Google Chrome user? [via Mashable]

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