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Developers Started Seeing iOS 6 Users in Their App Usage Logs [IMAGE]

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference is just a few weeks away and while we can't expect a new hardware announcement, there is very little doubt about iOS 6 announcement. There have been reports that in iOS 6, Google Maps will be dropped by Apple and will be replaced by the company's in-house solution called Maps. And now a new report indicates that the upcoming iOS 6 beta is currently being tested for software compatibility.

iOS 6
According to a report by 9to5Mac, a developer has contacted them after noticing that users running the upcoming iOS 6 firmware have been using his app. The developer came across this information after collecting OS version using an analytics software. The developer wasn't able to trace exactly when the iOS 6 users have started appearing on his logs but it was speculated that it was sometime over the past week. This basically indicates that the Cupertino company is currently on the process of testing iOS 6 compatibility with various high-profile App Store applications.

iOS 6 User Logs

From 9to5Mac:

One app developer informed us today that it has recently noticed users running iOS 6 using its app. The developer observed the “iOS6? string when collecting the OS version from analytics software. It has not been able to trace exactly when the iOS 6 users started appearing, but it was sometime over the past week. Other developers that we spoke to began seeing hits in late April.

This is yet another sign that Apple will finally pull the curtains and shed some light into its upcoming iOS firmware upgrade. There isn't much is known about iOS 6 except for the rumored new Maps app and its 3D capability. Last year, Apple managed to squeeze in about 200+ new features for iOS 5. We're sure that for this year, fans and the media alike can't wait to see what new features and upgrades will iOS 6 have.

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