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How to Create PDF Files with Nitro PDF for Free Using Any Document?

What is the first software that comes to your mind when you want to view, edit or create PDF Files? Right, Adobe Acrobat of course. But when we tell you that there are really nice and cheaper alternatives with more features? Interested? Ok, we will tell you all about it!

Since the introduction of Adobe Acrobat Reader in 1993 it has been the standard PDF reader and editor on almost every computer worldwide. Sure, it was one of the best PDF readers and editors, but the competition didn’t sleep. Nowadays there are some very nice alternatives available. One of them is Nitro PDF Reader.

Nitro PDF and Nitro PDF Pro

There are 2 versions available at the site of Nitro: Nitro PDF and Nitro PDF Pro. Nitro Pro is the paid version of Nitro PDF. But using only the free version you can already do a lot of stuff, even more than with the free Adobe PDF Reader! Let’s have an overlook of the possibilities of the free Nitro PDF.

Create PDF Files easily

Create PDF Files

When you use the free Nitro PDF, you cannot only use it as a PDF reader, but also as a PDF creator. All you need to do is drag and drop the document onto the Nitro desktop icon and you’re done! You can also add Nitro PDF as a virtual printer, and select this printer if you want to create a PDF of any document or content you have on you computer, including online content.

Extract images and text

Extract Images or Text

Sometimes it is necessary to extract an image, a text or a part of the text from a PDF. Within Nitro PDF you can do this trick by clicking on the ‘extract image’ or ‘extract text’ on the ribbon on top of your screen. Of course, the document needs to be unrestricted. If it is restricted, you can always take a snapshot of the on-screen area and copy it directly to your clip-board. This enables you to use it somewhere else.

Preview in Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook

Preview PDF

It can happen that you have a huge list of PDF-files in Explorer or in Outlook. Without having to save them on your desktop and open them in Nitro PDF, you can preview the content of each file within Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook.

Adding comment easily

Adding Comments

The big advantage of using PDF’s in a workflow of correcting and commenting a document is the possibility to attach notes. In Nitro PDF this can be easily done! One can add notes or mark up some sections for future references. Comments can be for yourself, or for a colleague who working on the same document.

Create PDF Files easily with Nitro PDF

As a writer I use the PDF-format a lot. In preparation for this article, I used the free Nitro PDF for several days. As a hard-core user of Adobe Acrobat, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised how easily you can use Nitro PDF to read, edit and create PDF files. The interface feels familiar, is intuitive and easy to navigate. For the basic user, the free version is more than enough. But if you want even more, you can always try Nitro PDF Pro for a period of two weeks. If you like it, you can buy it after the trial period for the very competitive price of $99. Comparing to Adobe Acrobat, this package has twice as many features for a much lower price.

So, try it out and see for yourself how you can read, edit and create PDF files with ease, using the free Nitro PDF.

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