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How to Export iPhone Contacts & Messages without Syncing to iTunes?

It is needless to say how important it is to perform a regular backup or export iPhone contacts and messages. Your iPhone might get stolen, get lost or, even more painfull, it can be damaged beyond repair. Of course, when syncing your iPhone through iTunes, everything is performed automatically. But there is a group of people who don’t want to use iTunes to perform this action. For those people there is Cucusoft iPhone Backup & SMS Backup.

Cucusoft is a big player in two main markets: Software for converting videos between various popular formats, and Utilities to enhance iDevices and provide backup software like the one we are discussing now: Cucusoft iPhone Contacts & SMS Backup.

Export iPhone Contacts & SMS

This software is only available for Windows users. At the moment it is unknown if an OSX-version will be available in the future. The name of the software is a bit misleading, because it not only supports the iPhone, but also the iPad and the iPod Touch. On the website of Cucusoft, a free trial-download is available. If you want to buy it directly, it will cost $24.99.


Before we continue, it must be said that you need to install iTunes on your PC before running the software. This doesn’t mean you must use iTunes to perform the back-up, but iTunes will install the USB-cable drivers for your iPhone. These drivers will be used by Cucusoft to read the SMS and contacts memory of your iDevice.

Export iPhone Contacts SMS

Step 1

Download and Install iTunes. As said before, this will install the necessary cable-drivers. After this step, you can forget iTunes.

Step 2

Download the trial version of Cucusoft iPhone Contacts & SMS Backup. In this trial-version you can backup 3 items from every list. Ok, not much, but it will give you a fair idea about how it works before your spend your dollars on it.

Step 3

Connect your iDevice to your computer by using a USB-cable.

Step 4

Run Cucusoft iPhone Contacts & SMS Backup on your PC. The software will autoscan the iDevice and the results will be shown in the screen.

Step 5

In the left sidebar, click on ‘messages’. They will be displayed in the right screen. From here you can select which ones you want to have included in your backup.

Step 6

Click on the ‘export’ button. There re two types for exporting: .mth or a .txt file on your PC. The first file-format is an exclusive format for Cucusoft. The second one is just a text-format and can be opened on your PC with a normal text editor. Pick one of them, choose the saving path and click on ‘OK’.

Et voila!

Same procedure goes for your contacts. In step 5 you click on ‘Contacts’, instead of ‘Messages’.
This is easy, fast and fully-secured software. To export iPhone contacts & SMS, download a trial today!

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