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Top 10 Sites To Create Cartoon Character or Avatar of Yourself

There are so many online cartoon character or avatar makers available online and most of them are good, easy to use and funny but some of them are really badly programmed and worthless for the average user. We compiled a list of the ten best online tools to create an avatar or a cartoon of you or your idol.

Why Do You Need a Cartoon Character or Avatar?

An avatar is a little picture that represents you online. It can be a cartoon character or avatar of yourself, or one of your idol. You can use an avatar in a forum, in your favorite chat-box/chat-program, on your Facebook-page or play online with them in virtual worlds where you can live your live in the way you want. You can even use them to represent yourself when you are going to comment this posting in a few minutes!

The old times of simple avatars are over. Nowadays, you can make really astonishing avatars in a few simple clicks. Let’s have a look at the ten best online cartoon character or avatar makers of 2012.

SP Studio

One of the best we found, is the Avator maker of SP Studio. The creator has an easy to use interface and fast loading. It creates simple and nice avatars. The use is completely free, even without registration, and you can save your creation on your harddisk as a .jpg

SP Studio cartoon character or avatar creator

Face Your Manga

They don’t call it an avatar, but a mangatar. At Face Your Manga, you can create your avatar in manga-style. A free tool and easy to use.

mangatar cartoon character or avatar creator


At Toondoo you can create a cartoon of yourself. Besides that, you can also create your own comics and upload pictures to make a cartoon of it. You can sign up for free, but when you want to use all the possibilities, you have to pay in the end.

ToonDoo cartoon character or avatar creator


At heroMachine you can create the hero of your dreams, whether you want to be a rockstar or a super hero. Takes some time to load the script, but it gives you lots of possibilities to be creative. There is even a pin-up version!

HeroMachine cartoon character or avatar creator


Simple but elegant interface to make avatars in Wii-style. Free to use, even without subscription.

Mii cartoon character or avatar creator

Pick a Face

Perfect for the creation of a face-only avator or cartoon. Lots of possibilities and free to use.

Pick A Face cartoon character or avatar creator

Dream Avatar

Perfect to use for full-body avatars or cartoons. It has also the possibility to use items like guitars or weapons.

Dream Avatar cartoon character or avatar creator


This online tool is available for making 3D avatars and cartoons. Lot of choice in options like clothing, hairstyle and expression. You can export your creation or enter the world of Meez with your new and cool body.

Meez cartoon character or avatar creator


In WeeWorld you can create your own avatar or cartoon called a WeeMee. Use your own WeeMee to play games online like Soccer and Crush.

WeeMee cartoon character or avatar creator

Portrait Illustration Maker

Create your own avatar with nearly unlimited possibilities in choosing face expression, hair, accessores and hands. When you are done, just download your creation as a .png, without any registration.

PIM cartoon character or avatar creator

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We are very curious what avatars you are using. Please comment below and show us your most funny, geeky, sweet or ugly cartoon character or avatar.

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    mya6 years, 2 months ago

    none of these work!You idiot!!!!!>:(

    khandrola8 years, 7 months ago

    alas most of these are hopelessly cartoony – I dont want to be a south park character.  Yahoo avatars was the best but they are closing down april 1st.  Hope they sell it to someone.

    Mind your business8 years, 9 months ago