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Top 10 Custom Boot Logos for Jailbroken iPhone

One advantage of a jailbroken iPhone is the fact that you can change your boot screen with custom boot logos to personalize your iPhone. Most people express their love for the iPhone via traditional Apple logo, but also other (funny) custom boot logos are also available on the Internet. Just like screensavers and desktop-pictures, it becomes a form of art. Many custom boot logos appear on the Internet to be downloaded for free. We present 10 custom boot logos for you to chose from.

NOTE: You can download the original file by clicking the image.

Sorry Steve…

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, but feel sorry about that towards the former founder and CEO of Apple, you can use this one.
Custom Boot Logos


Well, booting the iPhone is not the only nice thing to boot.
Custom Boot Logos

Retro Apple Logo

This custom boot logo is for the users who can remember the ‘old’ logo of Apple.
Custom Boot Logos

Shining Apple Logo

This is a new version of the Apple logo, but it could be a version for Apple to adapt some day. Dynamic, shining and stylish!
Custom Boot Logos

Homer Simpson

The Simpsons are always thankful objects to use in screensavers and desktop-pictures. Well-done custom boot logo!
Custom Boot Logos

Apple Pirate

If you want to express yourself that you have a jailbroken iPhone, this one is for you! Notice the combination of the skull and the Apple-logo!
Custom Boot Logos


Think different, think Linux!
Custom Boot Logos

Apple logo with Pattern

Apple logo with pattern in the style of the Mac Pro. High-tech and Stylish!
Custom Boot Logos

OSX Custom Boot Logos

There are a lot custom boot logos available like this one. But this particular one is really well done!
Custom Boot Logos

Apple Logo

Custom boot logo based on the standard desktop-image of OSX.
Custom Boot Logos

What are Your Favorite Custom Boot Logos?

This list of 10 custom boot logos is far from complete. Most of the time, the best custom boot logos are made for private use and kept private. We would love you to share your favorite custom boot logos with us!

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