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Download Teracopy: Best Free File-Copying Utility for Windows [Review]

One of the most common tasks when we are using our Windows computer is copying and moving files. Now let's face it, the default copy handler of Windows 7 leaves a lot of to be desired. While it gets the job done, one could feel that it could be made a whole lot better. And when you are moving gigabytes of files, then this is where some significant problems arise. So where do we start? It doesn't have a pause / resume function, the copying process consumes a lot of resources, terminates the process when it encounters an error and the process itself is very slow. Fortunately, you do not have to settle with what Windows has to offer.

TeraCopy File Copying Utility
It is a fact that there are many third-party software out there that is designed to be an alternative to Windows' copy handler. Introducing TeraCopy by CodeSector, a software for Windows designed to copy and move files at the fastest, most efficient way possible. It is a freeware program but in case you want to access more features, you can choose to upgrade your account into PRO version.
TeraCopy File-Copying Software

What are the Features of TeraCopy?

  • Faster File Copying. This is simply one of the best reasons why you should install TeraCopy. The default handler is simply too slow. With its asynchronous copying, transferring files between two physical hard drives is a lot faster.
  • TeraCopy Faster-File Copying

  • Pause and Resume Function. Want to pause the copying process because you need the system's resources to work on something? You can do so with TeraCopy and you can resume just as easily.
  • TeraCopy Pause-Resume Function

  • Shell Integration. You can set TeraCopy as the default copy handler by toggling this option. No need to launch TeraCopy each time you move or copy files.
  • TeraCopy Shell Integration

  • Error Recovery. The program handles file errors in such an intelligent manner. It will continue to retry copying the file several times instead of terminating the process altogether. At worst, it will simply skip the file and move on to the next.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy will show the files that have been transferred or if they caused an error or not.
  • TeraCopy Interactive File List

TeraCopy is an excellent program that is easy to install and use. You can simply "install and forget" and you will get to enjoy a better file copy handler on your Windows system. This is actually one of the first software I install upon a fresh OS installation. If you are still using the default Windows copy handler, then do yourself a favor and download TeraCopy now.

Download TeraCopy

Download TeraCopy file-copying utility for Windows

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