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The New iPhone 5 will Drop in June 2012, Says Foxconn Recruiter

In a Japanese TV Program, a recruiter for Foxconn Taiyuan in China was interviewed about his work to recruit people for Foxconn, the biggest supplier for the upcoming New iPhone 5. Accidentally or not, the words were pronounced clearly: “It will come out in June”. Read on for the details and a rumor round up.

The New iPad is ‘old’ news now, nothing to guess anymore, so now everyone is concentrating on the possible name, the specs, possible images and of course the release date of the new iPhone 5. This is probably the most expected iPhone launch ever. After last years minor update, now everyone is expecting a big leap forward. As usual, Apple doesn’t say a word about it! Let’s see what we ‘know’ about the new iPhone 5 so far.

Release Date

Most Apple-watchers and bloggers agreed in the release-date for the upcoming version of this immense popular iDevice. Most probably it would be somewhere in September or October 2012, a year after the release of the iPhone 4S. Sounds logic, because it could fit in the regular yearly release scheme. But something changed yesterday, Monday april 2, 2012.
Yesterday, in a Japanese TV Program, a Foxconn-recruiter was interviewed about his work:

Interviewer: “How many people are you planning to hire?”
Recruiter: "We're looking for 18,000 employees…for the fifth-generation phone"
Interviewer: "Is that because demand is high for the 'iPhone 5?'”
Recruiter: "That's right. It will come out in June."

Although the recruiter was very clear, it is a little bit questionable how a low-level employee like that recruiter, already know about Apple’s release schedule since Apple is very notorious for its high level of secrecy. In fact, it contradicts all previous rumors and reports about a probable launch in September or October. But nevertheless an interesting rumor.


Apple doesn’t say a word about the upcoming next generation iPhone, but there are several interesting rumors about it. The rumor about the launch of a New iPhone 5 Nano goes around since 2010, but never confirmed with reports or images. Even though it is an interesting concept, it is not very likely the nano-phone will make it this year.
New iPhone 5 Nano
Since the release of the very first iPhone, a bigger screen was high on the wishlist for most customers. Some leaked reports and rumors mention a much larger screen, although this is not yet confirmed from the supply-chain or with pictures.

Second spec is the fact that the new iPhone will have 4G LTE compatibility. Nice, but due to recent developments with the 4G compatibility of the New iPad 3, it is not very interesting for customers outside the USA.

Third rumour is the quad core processor (A5X or maybe A6?) and an upgraded chipset. This could be in line with plans for a bigger screen. A bigger screen needs a bigger engine inside.
Also an interesting fact from Peter Misek, a Wall Street Analyst:

"Apple is working with Toshiba on an advanced display technology for the iPhone. The new screen technology is said to be more responsive, and will allow Apple to make a thinner phone.”

New iPhone 5 Design

Famous and less famous designers around the world have made several concept designs. No one knows exactly, but the concepts are sometimes really gorgeous. Take a look at this one, released a few weeks ago.

How the new iDevice will look like in the end, no one knows for now. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear something about the new iPhone 5.

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