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Lower-End “iPhone Nano” Slated for Release This Year [Rumor]

As you are probably aware by now, there are iPhone rumors that tend to be quite relentless in a sense that some of them will keep resurfacing each and every year. Probably one of the most notable rumors that keep on knocking on the media's door is the possibility that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone meant to compete in the entry-level market dubbed as iPhone Nano. Take note that this particular rumor has been around since the original iPhone was launched back in 2007. And now a new report indicates that the iPhone Nano will allegedly make its appearance this year.

iPhone Nano
As with the huge chunk of iPhone rumors, this one originated from Apple's supply chain in China. According to the Chinese news publication China Times citing sources from the supply chain, the purported iPhone Nano is going to be sold this year in an effort of the Cupertino company to expand its product portfolio. As of now, the lower-end market is being dominated by Android smartphones. Although one could argue that Apple addresses this by selling their lower-end models such as the iPhone 3GS, $375 for an aging handset is considered way too much for the low-end market.

According to the report, the alleged iPhone Nano will be released alongside the sixth-generation iPhone. Keep in mind that this is not the only rumor that states that Apple will be releasing a downsized product. For the past few weeks now, many rumors are surfacing that a 7.85-inch iPad Mini will hit the market later this year. Although the more likely scenario is that Apple will simply retool its old iPhone models in order to cut costs and sell it in the lower price bracket.

So is possible that Apple will be selling a cheaper iPhone this year, or will this remain a rumor? Will you buy an iPhone Nano? [via BGR]

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