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iTunes 11 to Feature iOS 6 Compatibility & Deeper iCloud Integration

It has been a long while since iOS 5 was introduced by the Cupertino giant and it has been proven to be the best iOS firmware yet. iOS 5 was unveiled back in WWDC 2011 which was around June last year, so it's high time that we get some reports regarding iOS 6. According to a new report, Apple is already working on iTunes 11 which will include iOS 6 compatibility upon release.

iTunes 11
The folks over at 9to5Mac have learned that the Cupertino company is already internally seeding the next major version of its media management application. According to the sources, the new software release will concentrate more on under-the-hood changes, instead of cosmetic ones. However since Apple has a knack to develop different aspects of its products in separate groups, there is still a good chance that iTunes 11 will feature a brand-new user interface.
iTunes 11 Screenshot
As mentioned previously, iTunes 11 will support the upcoming iOS 6 firmware along with the new devices that will come with it. In a typical fashion, Apple releases a new major version of iTunes alongside a new major firmware. Although according to the source, there is the possibility that we won't be seeing the release of iTunes 11 for quite some time but instead, Apple may release an iTunes 10 update which will include simple iOS 6 compatibility.

Apart from iOS 6 support, iTunes 11 is said to feature an even deeper iCloud integration as learned by 9to5Mac. One of the strongest evidence that supports this claim is the presence of a dedicated iCloud settings found within the software. The iCloud interface is going to be more centralized and it is always easily accessible for users who wish to configure their iCloud settings and features such as iTunes Match, iTunes in the Cloud, iCloud iOS device backups and many others. Expect to hear more news about iTunes 11 in the future. [via 9to5Mac]

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