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iTransmission 2: Finally a Functional BitTorrent Client For iOS Devices

Many may have remembered the BitTorrent client, iTransmission for iPhone; well now there is a new version, iTransmission 2 sadly, as often happens with Cydia packages, the development and maintenance eventually came to halt. This left iPhone jail-breakers with no other alternative program to use for downloading via BitTorrent on iOS devices. I, personally remember this release and being incredibly excited , only to become disappointed with a  less than functional client in the end.

For those of you who are looking for another Bit Torrent client, you are in luck. A developer known as iOSHomebrew has released a new version of iTransmission, iTransmission 2. This tweak includes some major changes and improvements. The new teak is fully compatible with all of the latest iOS versions and includes many new features that improve the usability.

iTransmission 2: A Worthy Successor to iTransmission

iTransmission 2 Screenshot

Once when you have downloaded iTransmission 2, you will notice that there are a variety of new useful features. iTransmission comes with many features that will leave you thinking that you are using a desktop BitTorrent client. Some major new features that you will notice are wifi/3G availability and toggle (a possible money saver for people on a data plan), more ways to download torrents, and a new yet simple interface. In addition to this, iTransmission 2 also has a new web interface that will allow you another means of adding torrent files.

The Future of iTransmission 2

The iTransmission 2 package should prove to be extremely popular due to the fact there are no other alternatives! iTransmission 2 can be found from the BigBoss repo, go and check it out! Hopefully iOSHomebrew will continue the great work  and maintain iTransmission 2, iPhone's, only real BitTorrent client.


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