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iPhone 5 Release Date Pegged at October Due to LTE Chip Shortage

Many of you are probably wondering, when is the iPhone 5 release date? There have been numerous reports in the past that the iPhone 5 is going to be announced this coming June at WWDC 2012. But a new report suggest that the next iPhone is not going to be at the customers' hands until later this October, much like the iPhone 4S last year.

LTE iPhone 5 Release Date
According to the known analyst of Apple watcher Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, he believes that Apple wanted to bring the next iPhone into the market sooner rather than later. But no thanks to the issues that plagues Apple's suppliers, it seems that a pre-October release date is not going to be likely. Allegedly, LTE chip maker Qualcomm has been having some significant shortages lately. Munster believes that now that the new iPad has included LTE, it won’t make sense for Apple not to have on the iPhone 5.

According to Munster, if Apple is going to reveal the new iPhone around June or July, it would take about three months before shortage issues with Qualcomm LTE chips will be taken care of. Because of this, it would be difficult to have a general widespread release and therefore, the Cupertino company has no choice but to stick with the full annual iPhone release.

It is more likely the phone launches in October given Qualcomm commentary around 28nm chip supply…. we believe Apple will include LTE in the iPhone 5 as an important feature in the product update.

Munster adds that the iPhone 5 release date is not that big of a deal but what would really drive people to upgrade is the changes that are made to the phone.

So do you want a new iPhone announced sooner rather than later? Or do you believe that a June-July iPhone 5 release date would be too soon? [via AppleInsider]

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