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What is Opera Browser Turbo Mode and How to Enable it?

Some of you must be already familiar with Opera but what many people are not familiar with is Opera Turbo Mode. Opera Turbo mode is a feature that has been available for quite sometime now. It was first made available in Opera version 10. It is available on both desktop web browsers and the mobile web browser versions. Opera Turbo Mode can be found on all versions including Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad version of Opera.

What Does Opera Turbo Mode Do?

Opera Turbo Mode helps to load web pages faster. Opera claims that Turbo Mode loads pages up to 8 times faster, not too shabby! This is great for anyone who does not have access to a fast internet connection at their current location. This is a perfect solution for internet users on an overcrowded cafe wifi or for those who simply have a slow internet connection at home.

How Opera Turbo Mode Works

It's simple! Opera Turbo Mode works by sending the webpage to Opera servers and then relaying them back to you in a compressed format. The largest factor in the reduction of the webpage size is by reducing the quality of the images. In addition to reducing the image sizes, it also prevents many other excessive webpage elements from loading, such as flash. In my opinion, this is actually a bonus for many cases, helping to prevent visible ads from showing up. If there is a flash element that you want to view on the webpage all you need to do is simply click it.

Opera Turbo Mode and Security

Some may be concerned about the fact that the requested webpages go through Opera's server when in Turbo Mode, but Opera claims that they do not access the data or share it with anyone. Also, Opera Turbo Mode will be disabled for any SSL webpages, ensuring security for sensitive information. If you would like to give Opera Turbo Mode a try, you can download the latest version from for Windows or Mac.

How to Enable Opera Turbo Mode

Opera Turbo Mode Enabled
It is incredibly easy to enable Opera Turbo Mode, all you must do is click on the turbo icon on the bottom left corner and click enable. To disable it, if your connection has become faster, simple click on the icon and click disable.
Opera Turbo Mode Settings
You can also set Opera Turbo Mode to automatically detect your internet connection speed and enable or disable itself automatically. To do this simply click on "configure Opera Turbo". There isn't much else that needs to be done to configure Opera Turbo Mode, yes it's that simple!

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    please there is no turbo icon on my opera browser version 27 ,help