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Build Your Own App Without Programming Knowledge [Patent]

Apple is most likely planning to make the process of creating an iOS Application much more easier by providing a ‘WYSIWYG’ editor to build your own App. Anyone who has an idea for an App and doesn’t have much command on programming, would be able to develop it by himself. That is to say, when the plans of Apple will be put into the form of real working software.

Apple has filed a new patent called ‘Content Configuration for Device Platforms’. Basically it is a ‘WYSIWYG’ editor what enables people to make their own iOS Application, without any knowledge of computer code.

Build Your Own App

The patent was filed in December 2011, and published today. The abstract says:

The present technology includes a digital content authoring tool for authoring digital content without the need to understand or access computer code. The present technology further includes creating digital content that can be modified with animation of assets. Each animation can be controlled by an action, and the actions can be tied to a time axis for execution. By relating actions to a time axis, animations based on the actions can be more easily viewed and reviewed. In some embodiments, the system can clear a page of all but a selected asset so that it may be more easily worked with.

Reason for the application, according to the text, is the fact that computer languages are a hindrance to content creation. In fact, this is completely in line with the ideas of founder Steve Jobs:

No technical and ‘unnecessary’ stuff. Keep it simple and functional!

By example, Apple wants to add an additional layer between the graphical user interface and the code that represents it. This will allow the user to modify the variables using a kind of widget, like a graphical user interface inspector.

Build Your Own App

With this filing, Apple sees the new creation tool as a way to get involved in their own application creation process. The Patent is credited to Genevieve Garand, Steve Edward Marmon, Ralph Zazula, and Michael Paul Stern.

Are You Going to Build Your Own App?

What do you think? Would you use the editor? Would this possibility, to build your own app, be a step forward or will this be a threath to professional app-developers?

[via Free Patents Online]

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