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Restore & Backup iPhone Activation Tickets for SAM on Cloud Using Cookie

There was quite a bit of excitement that enveloped the jailbreak community when a new iPhone unlock method has been discovered provided by the jailbreak utility, SAM. The method was indeed effective and was enjoyed by plenty of users, it was so effective that Apple has taken notice and has proceeded to fix their activation servers. So new activations are not possible anymore through SAM and you will need to rely on an interposer SIM such as Gevey Ultra 5.1. But for those who are able to successfully performed the SAM iPhone unlock method, you may use this jailbreak utility to backup your unlock activation.

Cookie Backup iPhone Activation Tickets

Backup iPhone Activation Tickets with Cookie

Cookie is a new jailbreak utility from author Danniez. Basically, this is a backup utility that is mainly used to backup iPhone activation tickets. There exists other backup methods like manual or through Redsn0w but one can say that this (through Cookie) is by far the most straight forward method. If you are looking for an additional backup method, you can use this utility on top of your other backups, because why not?

Once you have installed Cookie, you will be presented with two buttons. The first button is used to backup iPhone activation tickets and the other one is to restore iPhone activation tickets. Keep in mind that unlike other backup methods, Cookie is not a local backup. Once you choose to backup your activation tickets, your UDID (Unique Device Identifier) and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity will be sent into WeiPhone's server. Now if ever you will lose your unlock you will be able to retrieve it easily through the Restore button.
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Now we know what you're thinking and it will most likely has something to do with privacy. This is especially the main concern since your UDID and IMSI will be uploaded into a third-party server. That is understandable but we really don't think that there is anything to be concerned about. The risks are pretty much non-existent or minimal at best. If you are not comfortable with this method, we suggest that you use Redsn0w or manually through SSH.

So you can use Cookie, you must of course have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Luckily, we have the tutorials that you need. For iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users in iOS 5.0.1, you will need to download the Absinthe Jailbreak Tool and follow these tutorials: To jailbreak your iDevice on Mac using Absinthe, refer to our Jailbreak iPhone 4S Guide for Mac or for Windows users, you can read our Jailbreak iPhone 4S Guide for Windows. As for the rest of the devices (A4) on iOS 5.0.1, you can use our iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak guide. For users who are currently in iOS 5.1, use the following guides: Redsn0w | Sn0wbreeze.

So will you use Cookie to backup iPhone activation tickets?

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