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Customers Report 3G Connectivity Issues with LTE-Capable iPad 3

As far as electronic products go these days, the iPad 3 is definitely one of the hottest (no pun intended) gadgets around. But Apple's latest and greatest tablet is far from being perfect, at least if it is based from testimonies of various customers claiming that they are having issues with the New iPad. Just yesterday, we brought to you a news that Apple has internally acknowledged the issue regarding the WiFi connectivity of the third-gen iPad. But it seems that the device just couldn't catch a break because more network-related issues have been found.

New iPad 3 4G LTE
As it turns out, it is not only the WiFi-only model of the iPad 3 that has been having problems but also the LTE-capable variant as well. Several owners of the new iPad have started reporting issues with the LTE-capable iPad over at the Apple Support Communities website. It is worth noting that most of the users who have been posting their complaints appear to be international users who are attempting to connect to 3G networks, in contrast to the 4G LTE speeds found in the U.S. Although there are American users as well that have been experiencing the problem.

I live in northern Wisconsin and while I'm at home and the surrounding areas it works, but then the minute I am in extended coverage it doesn't work!!" they wrote. "Like many of you I tried resetting pretty much everything and nothing. I went to a Verizon store and tried to tell them that something is wrong with it and they pretty much told me that it was because when it is in extended coverage it might not work because of reception.

A forum user with the handle "NewForce" suggested that the problem either lies on the firmware (iOS 5.1) itself or it could be the new Qualcomm chipset that has been utilized by Apple for the new iPad. Various attempt to fix the problems has been performed such as resetting the settings and SIM card replacement, but to no avail. Users were reporting that the problem is only specific to the new iPad. Posters claimed that they own previous generation 3G models but such network-related woes are not present in them.

It is still unclear as of now if this new problem in iPad 3 is hardware or software related. [via AppleInsider]

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