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Weak WiFi Connectivity/Signals Issue on New iPad?

When you look at the Apple Support Communities Website, several users have posted complaints about weak Wi-Fi connectivity on their New iPad, available for customers since last friday. Some users don't have any reception at all. Some of the complainers did a litlle benchmark, comparing the new iPad with their other iOS devices. It seems that other devices have most of the time full connectivity trough WiFi, but the bars of the iPad only show one, or nothing at all.

Weak Wifi Connectivity on New iPad

Some Reactions on Apple Discussion Board:

I just tested it a few minutes ago. When I put both iPads in my office, right near my router, both picked up the signal at the same strength, eg about 18 to 20mb. When I did it in my bedroom, which has to pick up the signal through walls and hallways - and never had a problem before - the difference became pronounced: the iPad 2 was 15 to 20mb, and the iPad 3 was 3 or 4.

Yes, same here. MacBook Pro as well as iPhone 4S show 'Full Fan' - new iPad (16GB WIFI) shows 'one dot' or just flat drops the wifi connection (and is often unable to seach and find it). This was not a problem with my just sold first gen iPad.

Same here! Will not hold WIFI for more than a few minutes. Two MacBooks and iPhone working fine from same router.

My shiny new iPad only works if I sit within six feet of my router. Tried two routers and it's the same. I sold my iPad 1. How I wish I could have it back. This one is no more use than a desktop with an Ethernet connection.

It seems that a few of the complaints could be solved, thanks to technical support of Apple, but it is still very concerning.

iPad 1 Had Same Issues

Apple had the same kind of problems after the launch of the iPad first generation back in 2010. People also complained about dropped signals, weak WiFi connectivity and problems connecting to a network. Apple solved this problem later with an iPad Software Update. According to Apple, a 'very small number of iPad users' experienced this problem.

Apple didn't issue a reaction yet on this new issue. We'd like to hear in the comments if you had any issues with the WiFi Connectivity of your New iPad! [via AppleInsider]

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