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Use Flutter to Control iTunes or Spotify With Hand Gestures

Almost anyone with some interest in video games or electronics know about the XBox Kinect. The Kinect software originally was only intended for video games but has turned into much more. Numerous developers have taken the Kinect hardware to far greater levels than were originally intended. Some fine examples of amazing things in development are autonomous robots that can navigate and map a room, gesture controlled internet browsing and a virtual keyboard that you can play in the air. These are all amazing things in development. I, personally, haven't seen any direct results of all this talk until today. Introducing Flutter ..

Flutter Application

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an application that uses the web camera on your computer in order to allow you to control iTunes or Spotify. When Flutter is activated, your web camera is on and will track your hand movements and interpret them as commands. This hopefully the first step of something amazing.

What Can Flutter Do?

Currently Flutter can only play and pause music. However, hopefully this is just a stepping stone to something more advanced. Even when using this simple gesture one cannot help but feel like they have taken a small step into the future. The actual utility of this application is quite limited for the time being but is still something worth checking out. However, If you are someone who does not like to use your keyboard to simply start and stop music then this may be a perfectly useful application for you.

Personal Experiences with Flutter

Downloading and installing the application was as simple as any other application. I was actually very surprised that no webcam setup was needed; most macs have a built in camera but I have a Mac mini with a USB webcam attached. After a short introduction, I got to try it. In order to play or pause music you simply must hold your hand up for about a second; you are supposed to do this from around 1-6 feet away.

The controls seem to work quite consistently and easily. There was one funny yet embarrassing error - while writing this article I was picking my nose :D Flutter interpreted this as a command to stop my music (oops!). This was the only problem I had while using Flutter though. Even upon touching my face numerous other times, no misinterpreted signals were sent. All in all, I would say that flutter is something I will keep on my Mac for the near future. It is something that is both useful and fun to use. Who doesn't want to feel like they are in the movie minority report controlling things on your computer with gesturers!? Flutter is the first step towards this!

Flutter can be downloaded for free from the following link:

Currently, Flutter is only available for Mac.

Download Flutter for MAC.

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