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How to SSH into Jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad Using FileZilla Client?

When someone says SSH into iPhone they mean that you should connect your iPhone to your computer over SSH. SSH (Secure Shell) is a method of connecting to your iPhone and allows you to add or remove files from your iDevice. This is extremely useful for users who cannot download the needed file on an iPhone and need some way of getting it onto their phone. SSH can also be used as an iTunes alternative if you want to transfer music to your iDevice without iTunes, but for that, you must install PwnPlayer app from Cydia.

SSH Requirements:

You will need a jailbroken iPhone and an FTP client. If you need to know how to jailbreak your iPhone, visit our Redsn0w or Absinthe tutorial.

If you need an FTP client you can try FileZilla which works on both Windows and Mac.

  1. Once when your iPhone is jailbroken, go to Cydia and search for "OpenSSH".
  2. SSH iPhone Search OpenSSH

  3. Install and confirm.
  4. SSH iPhone

  5. Now you need to download an FTP Client for Windows or Mac if you haven't already.
  6. Before trying to SSH into iPhone, you need to know the local IP address of your iPhone.
  7. Note: One way of finding your wifi IP address is by going to Settings -> WIFI -> (right arrow to connected network) -> IP Address
    Wifi IP Address

  8. Open FileZilla and start a new connection. The login details for you iPhone will be the following:
  9. Host: IP address you just found
    Username: root
    Password: alpine
    Filezilla SSH into iPhone

  10. You are now connected to your iPhone through SSH! From here you can install or remove files from your iPhone. You now know how to SSH into iPhone.

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    Moy128 years, 5 months ago

    Don’t forget to enable SSH in iDevice. That was my mistake.

    Guest9 years, 7 months ago

     I got it to work using WinSCP.

    Guest9 years, 7 months ago

    I am getting “ECONNREFUSED – Connection refused by server” with FileZilla.  Installed OpenSSH, shows up in SBSettings and seems to be on (green icon).  Followed all other directions but no dice, any ideas?  Thanks.

      Seb9 years, 7 months ago

      go to site manager and change the transfer protocol from ftp to ssh