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Next iPhone to Feature 4.6-Inch Retina Display, Says Reuters [RUMOR]

Now that the third-gen iPad has already hit the market, it is time for the rumor mills to spin once again. And of course, this time one can expect another barrage of rumors regarding Apple's follow-up to the iPhone 4S. Since its release, the iPhone 4S has always received the flak for not featuring a larger-sized screen. But now according to a new report, Apple has already decided to use a 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone.

iPhone 5 4.6 inch screen
The report came straight from Reuters as it cites the Maeil Business Newspaper as the latter claims that Apple has already started placing orders of 4.6-inch displays to its suppliers, to be used for the next-generation iPhone. In addition, the said iPhone is going to hit the market around the second quarter of the year. And as you might expect, LG Display and Samsung Electronics Co. declined to provide any sort of comment regarding the issue.

Despite the fact that many customers asked to have a larger display for the iPhone, Apple released the iPhone 4S with the same 3.5-inch screen. The common argument is that it pales in comparison to other smartphones in the market, especially compared to high-end Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SII.

With a larger sized display, Apple will be able to fully utilize the new A5X processor which is included in the new iPad. Or perhaps, Apple will go all the way and include the "lost" A6 processor which is largely expected by most people. While a larger screen does sound attractive, developers will surely have a hard time optimizing their apps for numerous screen sizes, which is actually a common problem over at the Android camp.

Would you like a 4.6-inch display for the upcoming iPhone? Or you are perfectly happy with the current screen size? [via ModMyi]

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