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The Next iPad Will Possibly Be Called “iPad HD” [RUMOR]

Just when Apple finally made it clear that the iPad 3 will be announced in less than a week, one would think that the rumors will actually slow down. But as it turns, they simply don't. Probably one of the most prominent burning questions about the upcoming iPad is its name. So what will be the name of the next iPad? The most common conclusion would be the iPad 3 but after how Apple pulled an iPhone 4S - iPhone 5 on us, it's hard to say for sure. But according a new report, the next iPad will be called the iPad HD.

iPad 3
If you are into purchasing accessories and peripherals for the iDevice, then it is possible that you are familiar with Griffin. Someone from Twitter named Michael Fonfara (@mycintosh) has supposedly leaked an alleged parts list of Griffin which contains multiple entries for a device called "iPad HD". Well it is unlikely that this refers to either of the first two iPads because their 1024 × 768 screens do not exactly scream HD.

One of the most highly anticipated improvement of the next iPad is the glorious high definition Retina Display, which would definitely deserve the "HD" moniker. But of course, the source is a bit unreliable so there is no way of telling if this is credible or not. All signs point to the possibility that we will be seeing an iPad with no significant design change. The real changes however lies in the specifications such as the improved Retina Display, quad-core CPU, better camera and perhaps even LTE.

So what do you think will the next iPad be called? iPad 3? iPad HD? iPad 2S? [via RedmondPie]

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