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Check Out This iPad 3 Mock-up w/ Edge-to-Edge Display & 3D Holographic Effects [VIDEO]

As you all know, the hype surrounding Apple's next-generation iPad can't be denied. The company just sent out invitations for their upcoming big event which will most likely involve the announcement of the iPad's third iteration. While the hot seat is now currently being occupied by the iPad 3, someone released an iPad concept that will no doubt blow everyone's mind.

iPad Concept Edge to Edge Screen
The folks over at Aatma Studio, has once again created an Apple product concept that is surely poised to impress anyone. If anyone can recall, they are the same studio that was responsible for the iPhone 5 concept that has laser keyboard and holographic display. The creations of Aatma Studio have the distinction of being so cutting-edge which gives them that sci-fi vibe but one won't be able to help but think that such technology don't exist yet (at least not in the mainstream). Well here's an iPad concept video for your viewing pleasure:

Now before someone screams "fake", of course it is fake, it is a concept video after all. As you can see, the video features an iPad but with features that we haven't seen before. One of the most standout features is definitely the gorgeous edge to edge Retina display. The screens have internal magnets built into them which connects two devices and allows you to the watch the video in widescreen. When they demoed the game complete with laser buttons and 3D holographic effects, that is where everything gets all sci-fi esque.
iPad Concept 3D Hologram
The video is definitely a treat to watch but sadly we won't be seeing such features anytime soon (iPad 10 perhaps?). But this iPad concept is definitely interesting and it may have offered an early glimpse of what's in store for us in the future. [via 9to5Mac]

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