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Cracked iPhone 4 Screen? Here’s What You Need to Know

A cracked iPhone 4 screen can happen to anyone who owns an iPhone long enough. I myself have never enjoyed using a bulky protector for my iPhone as I like to live dangerously. If you also like to live dangerously, then you might have to pay the price of a cracked iPhone 4 screen eventually. Luckily this price is not so high if you do it yourself. If you are interested in investing in a good iPhone 4 cover, check out our page on "Toughest iPhone 4 Covers".

What Needs to be Replaced for a Cracked iPhone 4 Screen?

Cracked iPhone 4 Screen

When dealing with a cracked iPhone 4 screen, you first must know what needs to be replaced. Typically, there are two options available for screen replacement - the glass cover and digitizer or the glass cover, digitizer, and the actual screen. Confusing? An explanation is given below:


The glass is simply the glass cover of the the iPhone digitizer and screen. It is what you touch on the iPhone and is usually what breaks when dropped. If someone says that they have a cracked iPhone 4 screen, they normally mean that the glass is broken.


The digitizer is the part of the iPhone that senses your touches. It is fused with the glass cover and cannot be separated. If you break the glass cover of you iPhone, you need to replace the digitizer as well. If you can see that the screen is still working but the glass is only broken, then you can just replace this piece.


This is the part of the iPhone that actually creates the images. If the images on the screen look strange besides the cracked glass, then you will also need to replace this part.

Additionally, it is worth noting that it's much easier to just replace the glass, digitizer, and the screen for iPhone 3GS and older iPhones. This is because the screen is very securely fastened to the digitizer. Taking the broken glass off from the screen is VERY difficult.

It is impossible to replace an iPhone 4's or iPhone 4S's glass/digitizer alone. The glass, digitizer, and screen are impossible to take apart safely. Therefore, if you have a cracked iPhone 4 screen, you must replace the whole thing altogether.

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