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Download Shotty: Best Free Screen Capture Tool for Windows

When it comes to a screen capture tool used to take screenshots of desktops and programs in Windows Vista and Windows 7, most people are quite satisfied with using the good ol' way of using the PrintScreen key and pasting it into the Paint application. Or perhaps you are currently using Windows' Snipping Tool? The problem with these solutions is that they are too limited and you can't really expect much in terms of quality and they are seriously lacking in features. If you are looking for a good, lightweight and free app that will enable you to take high quality screenshots, then you should definitely check out Shotty.

Jaxov Screen Capture Tool Shotty

What is Shotty Screen Capture Tool?

Shotty is an easy to use and lightweight screenshot utility tool that allows you to take screenshot of your computer screen or a certain program or application. Despite being a lightweight solution, Shotty is a full-featured screen-capture tool. Probably one of the most noteworthy features of Shotty is that it supports the Aero-Glass effects of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Shotty allows you to take screenshot of the whole screen, a user-defined region selection and program windows (both low and high quality). You can set a time delay before the app takes the screenshot.
Shotty Select Screenshot
For comparison, here are two images taken with Windows' PrintScreen key and the other one is by Shotty:

Calculator PrintScreen Screenshot

Taken with PrintScreen

Calculator Shotty Screenshot

Taken with Shotty

As you can see, Shotty accurately captures the window perfectly while the other one has some trouble properly capturing the edges of the window. In addition, Shotty also captures the visual effects of the window, in this case, its drop shadow.

Built-in Image Editor

As soon as you have taken a screenshot, Shotty will immediately open the image editor where you can perform some basic editing functions.
Shotty Image Editor
You can either Copy, Save or Print your screenshots after editing. Or if you want, you can immediately upload your screen captures into an image hosting website (in this case, Imgur).
Shotty Uploading screenshot
Shotty Screenshot Uploaded

Loads of options

Shotty Extended Settings
Being a full-featured screen capture tool, Shotty has a lot of options to offer. It is not exactly that mind-blowing but it should be enough for the most basic applications. With the extended settings, you will be able to add a watermark to the screenshot, enable autosave, configure the background color, set jpeg quality, optimize image files and configure the Aero Glass options.


As you can see, Shotty is a great application for most of your screen capture needs in Windows. Its ability to take high quality captures along with the fact that it is so easy to use makes it one of the best screenshot software out there. Yes, there are undoubtedly other utilities available with arguably more features, but as far as free solutions go, Shotty is one of the most notable ones.

Download Shotty Screen Capture Tool for Windows.

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