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Exchange Files Between iDevices Using SendAny and ReceiveAny App [Integrates into iMessage]

BigBoss has just released a new pair of applications, SendAny and ReceiveAny.  They will prove to be very handy. The two applications work in harmony with each other in order to send files of any type from one iDevice to another through iMessage. This will be an amazing new feature for friends who want to share any sort of files. The possibilities are limitless with this useful application! To see more tweaks that are a must, visit our must have tweaks page.

SendAny and ReceiveAny

SendAny and ReceiveAny Features

ReceiveAny does what it says - it allows you to receive any files from iMessage. This is useful for receiving files from iMessage from your computer or any other device. Of course you can also receive files from friends as well. Downloaded files are opened in your iPhone file system and can be uncompressed or opened.

SendAndy, once again, does just what the name implies - it allows you to send any file that you want from either your local files or from Dropbox. When you select to send a local file, you can choose any file that is stored on your iPhone. You can choose to send more than one file, and also compress the file.

SendAny costs $1.99 from the Cydia store while ReceiveAny is free. SendAny and ReceiveAny are both available now from the BigBoss Repo.

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