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Easily Open Frequently Used Apps/Actions Using CmdTab [Free Jailbreak Tweak]

Have you ever wished that you could have the ease tabbing through applications on your iPhone much like your home computer? Well now you can with the new CmdTab tweak from ModMyi! This great little tweak recreates the experience you have when tabbing (alt/Cmd+tab for PCs or Macs) through applications on your desktop or laptop computer.

CmdTab In Action

What CmdTab Can Do?

CmdTab allows you to easily open up a list of popular applications and actions that are used frequently. You can set the controls for activating CmdTab through Activator. If you are not using Siri, this is a great replacement for the "hold home button action"!

Once the CmdTab interface has been opened, you can easily scroll through the different apps by swiping across the screen. Then simply tap on the application desired and voila! You are taken to the application. At the time of release, CmdTab comes with the following applications and actions available in the interface:

  • Settings
  • iTunes
  • Twitter
  • Messages
  • Wifi Menu
  • Cydia
  • System Options (respiring, power off, and reboot device)

Hopefully some new options for additional functions will be available in CmdTab soon. It is available for FREE from Cydia. CmdTab is indeed a great deal!

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