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CutYourSim: Unofficial Service That Permanently Unlocks Your iPhone

Owning an iPhone is definitely nice but should you wish to unlock it so you can use it for other carriers, be prepared to go through a couple of hoops. There are solutions such as Ultrasn0w that lets you unlock your iPhone but it can be rather tricky especially if you are technologically challenged. You also have the option of buying a factory unlocked iPhone but everyone knows that it will cost you a good deal of money. Well here's a service that claims to unlock your iPhone, permanently.

The name of the service is called CutYourSim, an unofficial service that supposedly provides a permanent factory unlock for a variety of devices including the newest iPhone, the iPhone 4S. The company grew in popularity last year but eventually they had to close down because Apple was hot on their trail. But it seems that CutYourSim has managed to found a way to continue their service without raising the eyebrows of Apple's legal crew. The company just announced that they are back and are accepting orders their service.

We are very happy to announce that we just started a new service to unlock all iPhones from AT&T USA including the latest 4S.

This service is 100% tested by us and working but since we have only been able to test it for a short period of time we will still call it a beta service.

Price for this service will be 199.99USD. Turnaround will be set to 1-20 days due to the high demand of this service.

Take note that the service is only available for iPhones under AT&T only but we won't be surprised if more will be available in the future. We haven't tried the service in the past but there have been some positive feedbacks regarding it and allegedly it does unlock your iPhone permanently. The service itself cost about $200 and you will be sending your iPhone to them with a turnover period of about 15-20 days.

If you want to give them a try, or want to know the details as to how they unlock iPhone, you can simply go to the CutYourSim website. As of now, their website is down because they needed to move into a new host in order to accommodated the traffic. If you can't access the site, keep trying or try clearing your cache and cookies. [via iDownloadBlog]

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