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Now You Can Track Stolen Laptop Using This Software For Free

In this day and age, it is only natural for people to buff the security of their digital assistants such as their laptops, netbooks and MacBooks along with other devices that are being utilized on daily basis. This is to protect their devices from viruses, malwares and the like that could potentially compromise its security. But what about threats that are actually present in real life? There is always the possibility that your shiny gadget will be lost or stolen. So what can you do once such unfortunate scenario happens? Well, here's a solution that you will surely like.

Track Stolen Laptop
Introducing Prey Project an open source security application that can run on Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, Linux, and Android. Basically what this software does is that it lets you track your devices at all times which means that if ever it gets lost or stolen, it gives you a fairly good chance of recovering it. So how much will you be forking out for this handy software? This software can be yours for the reasonable price of nothing (although for a small fee, you can avail of their PRO plans).
Prey Tracking Software

How Do You Track Stolen Laptop with Prey?

You install a tiny program into your PC, laptop or smartphone and it will simply sit there silently until the user flips the switch to the remote signal via an administration panel and then it will start working its magic. The signal is sent through the web or via SMS. Prey will then trigger its geo-location awareness through the device's GPS or through WiFi hotspots which will then triangulate the location of the device and report is back to you. When no internet connection is found, the program will triangulate the location through the nearest WiFi hotspot. Another cool thing that this software can do is that it can give off a loud alarm just in case you need audible proof that the thief is indeed in possession of your gadget.

Here's a video of Prey that introduces you to the software:

Prey is configured through their website, in which you obviously need to make an account with in order to start using the software. In order to begin tracking your device, you simply need to set the current status to missing. Check out the screenshot below to see how the control panel looks like.
Prey Tracking Software CPanel Screenshot

Say Cheese, Thief!

If the laptop has a webcam, you will be able to make the software take a picture of the thief. So you now have photographic evidence which you can hand over to the police. You will also be able to take screenshots of the thief's active session. So if ever they log in to their social media account such as Facebook, you can take a screenshot of it. And just like that, you already have the name of the culprit.

Lock Your Device Down

With Prey, locking down your device is extremely easy so your gadget becomes unusable to the thief unless he manages to guess your password. In addition, you can also choose to hide your Thunderbird or Outlook data and also remove all the stored passwords. A very neat security feature.

Monitor Your Hardware

Prey is also capable of monitoring the hardware of your device and if ever there are changes made, you will be alerted. Prey will be able to determine your motherboard model, RAM, Bios version, CPU Model, # of cores and many others.
Prey Hardware Monitor


As you can see, Prey is a very neat software that could help you recover your precious gadget from the hands of the wrong-doers. Just a word of advice though. Once you were able to pin-down the culprit, never ever attempt to confront him by yourself despite how tempting it is to deliver your own brand of justice. Always seek help from the authorities first.

Prey is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Mac, Linux, and Android. A free account will let you register up to 3 devices at max. Paying for a PRO license enables you to lift the device limit along with other premium features to help you track stolen laptop.

Download Prey software to track stolen laptop.

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